Ann Liguori Foundation Mission Statement

The Ann Liguori Foundation is a 501c3 public charity and our mission is to raise funds and awareness for not-for-profits who work in the field of cancer prevention and cancer care. The ALF supports a variety of charities, both locally and nationally, as well as helping individuals in need.


The ALF has brought the ‘Healthy Children, Healthy Futures’ program to the East End of Long Island and brings rock star nutritionist Jill Jayne to the Hamptons every year to conduct educational assemblies which teach young people about the importance of good nutrition and exercise. The ALF also makes it possible for ‘Healthy Children, Healthy Futures’ to incorporate their nutrition education curriculum in schools on the East End of Long Island.
After hosting and organizing an annual celebrity charity golf event in The Hamptons every year for 10 years which raised over 1.2 million dollars for the American Cancer Society, Ann Liguori founded the Ann Liguori Foundation to increase her commitment and dedication to helping others, particularly on the East End of Long Island where she lives.


The Ann Liguori Foundation funds the award-winning nutritional education program every year, starting with incorporating the health curriculum in the Southampton Intermediate School in 2009. The initiative brought Jill Jayne, rock and roll nutritionist, to the Southampton Intermediate School for an assembly for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders, and through her multi-media, musical and interactive presentation, Jill shared her expertise and taught the students how to work through advertising clutter and mixed messages, to choose the most nutritional foods. She had students dancing on the stage and enthused about learning the basics of good nutrition. A teacher there expressed that in the 30 years that he has taught at the school, it was the best assembly he had ever seen! Jill and several other nutritionists trained several PE and Health Teachers at the school, who then incorporated the curriculum in their class rooms. The students produced videos about good nutrition and showed them to the rest of the school, created posters which they hung throughout the school and on April 17, 2010, five of the students shared what they learned on Ann’s Saturday morning Radio show on WPPB 88.3FM. This radio show can be heard by clicking here: and going to the April 17, 2010 show.
Each year, the Ann Liguori Foundation brings rock star nutritionist Jill Jayne to The Hamptons to educate young people about the importance of eating well and exercising regularly. For more information on Jill Jayne, visit

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Jill Jayne ‘Rocks’ on the East End with a series of Nutrition Educational Assemblies for Middle School Students


The Ann Liguori Foundation, named for the Founder and President of the Foundation, sports talk show host and reporter, Ann Liguori, brought nutrition expert educator/musician Jill Jayne and her live rock ‘n roll nutrition educational concert to three Middle Schools in the Hamptons this week. Jayne conducted her musical nutrition educational assembly for the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders in two sessions each, at the Southampton Intermediate School, Springs Public School and the Pierson Middle School in Sag Harbor.

Jill mixes her musical talents with educating young people about the ‘Healthy Children, Healthy Futures 8 Habits of Healthy Kids:’


·        Spending at least 1 hour a day being physically active

·        Spending less than 2 hours a day watching TV, playing video and computer games

·        Eat at least a total of 5 fruits and vegetables every day

·        Snack on healthy foods and less junk food and sweets

·        Drink or eat at least 3 low fat dairy foods a day

·        Drink at least 2 glasses or bottles of water a day instead of soda

·        Eat less fast food and make healthier fast food choices

·        Eat smaller amounts – bigger is not better.


Jill’s messages also include respecting your body, eating breakfast, drinking more water, getting enough calcium, examining food packages more closely and eating more foods with less sugar.

The Ann Liguori Foundation is a 501c3 public charity whose mission is to raise funds and awareness for organizations who work in the field of cancer prevention, research and cancer care-related charities, specifically directed to help people on the East End of Long Island. “Educating young people about making healthy eating choices and the importance of exercise is so important in preventing many diseases and for over-all good health,” says Liguori. “Jill brings so much excitement and enthusiasm to these shows and the students are energized and educated about eating healthy and the importance of exercising. It’s such an important message!”
Liguori adds: “Teachers have come up to me and said it is the best assembly they’ve ever seen and the kids really connect with Jill. The Ann Liguori Foundation is proud to make this possible.”
Liguori, a Westhampton resident, would like to continue to bring the nutritional education concert to more schools on the East End. 
Tim Frazier, Principal at Southampton Intermediate School says, “Jill did a fantastic job not only as a celebrity, but as a professional educator. I wish I could hire her as a teacher. She really knows how to connect with teachers, students and parents.”