Meet Ann Liguori

Radio and TV Personality, Author, Speaker, Business Woman, and Philanthropist.

Ann Liguori continues to shine as a leader and visionary in the world of sports media and business, uniquely showcasing her diverse talents and skills in radio, television, and print; and as a celebrity spokesperson for a variety of companies.

Ann is the first woman to host a call-in sport’s show on WFAN-NY, (the original all-sports radio station) where Ann hosted a weekly sports call-in talk show for over 24 years and continues as the Host of ‘Talking Golf with Ann Liguori,’ on Sundays, 7-8 AM, on WFAN 660 AM, 101.9 FM and, from April – September. She also serves as the station’s golf and tennis correspondent at The Masters, the PGA Championships, the U.S. Open Golf Championships and the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, and at special competitions such as the Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup.  Ann also covers the prestigious golf and tennis championships for CBS Sports Radio Network. Ann hosts the ‘Sports Innerview’ radio show every Saturday morning on NPR’s WLIW-88.3 FM. Each show is archived here and is distributed on her podcast.

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About Ann

In addition to her pioneering career in sports radio, Ann has the distinction of being the Host, Executive Producer, and Owner of ‘Sports Innerview with Ann Liguori,’ the longest-running cable sports show owned, hosted, and produced by a woman.

As the President of Ann Liguori Productions, Ann is an entrepreneur who owns an extensive library of her award-winning interview shows with sports legends such as Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Wilt Chamberlain, Sam Snead, Hank Aaron, Billie Jean King, and more.

Ann collaborates on her own jewelry line, the Hamptons Rope Collection, with Dune Jewelry and is the Brand Ambassador for IBKUL athleisure wear, Chillax’n CBD and PEAKVISION Sunglasses. She is also the Founder and President of the Ann Liguori Foundation, and organizer of the annual ALF Charity Golf Classic, raising money and awareness for cancer research and care.

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What They're Saying

TV Guide, 1995

“Ann Liguori is Cable’s Queen of Locker Room Talk”

Resident Magazine, 2019

Ann, a trailblazer and dynamo in sports broadcasting, owns her own content, is a sports talk show host, correspondent, Executive Producer, author, business owner and philanthropist.

New York Observer, 2001

“But then there’s Ann Liguori, host of the Friday night-Saturday morning late shift. Just one drop of her honey-sweet voice over the radio and you know Ms. Liguori is different. She builds her callers up; she doesn’t tear them down. She’s accepting of different opinions and she’s thoughtful about her own. In other words, she’s a … woman.”

Ely Callaway, Callaway Golf, 1999

“I’ve done a lot of interviews and Ann was the best by far. Using golf as a metaphor, she cleverly intertwined her questioning to get me to talk about many aspects of my life as well as my passion for golf.”

Amy Grant, 2000

“Ann has walked more golf courses with pros and would-be golfers than any other woman I know. She continues to promote the game by highlighting the personal side of the people who love it.”

While my great friend Ann Liguori could certainly master any facet of the business - and she has - there is no clearer example of her massive abilities than to take in one of her countless high-level interviews. Her reservoir of superstar guests through the years would make Jimmy Kimmel envious… Her career has been a massive testament to a never give up spirit, an enterprising lesson in creating avenues to succeed in a business that oftentimes presents nothing but deadend streets. Typical of her entrepreneurial ways, she has not only created shows, she has served as executive producer, sold the advertising, and distributed her content to national broadcast outlets!

Jim Nantz2020

Ann Liguori's Legacy

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Ann Liguori in the Press

ANN LIGUORI: All-Star Sports Broadcaster

Resident Magazine, By: Julie Sagoskin

She might have grown up playing sports in a boy’s world, but with an all-star attitude, Ann Liguori always comes out swinging, whether it’s on the golf course or in her career. Ann, a trailblazer and dynamo in sports broadcasting, owns her own content, is a sports talk show host, correspondent, Executive Producer, author, business owner and philanthropist.

She’s overcome tremendous obstacles in the male-dominated world of sports broadcasting and thrives in her field of choice. She’s always had high aspirations, has achieved them all and is still going strong.

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Rush’s Alex Lifeson Isn’t Motivated to Play Music After Neil Peart’s Death

Rolling Stone Magazine, By: Andy Greene

It’s been five months since the death of Neil Peart, and Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson says that he has yet to find comfort in music. “It’s been difficult,” he told sports journalist Ann Liguori on her show Talkin’ Golf. “After Neil passed in January, I’ve played very little guitar. I just don’t feel inspired and motivated.”

Rush fans have speculated that Lifeson and Rush frontman Geddy Lee might find a way to carry on the band’s legacy after Peart’s death, but the guitarist says they aren’t at that point yet. 

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Maria Sharapova Opens up about Her Autobiography “Unstoppable: My Life So Far”

Hamptons Magazine, By: Ann Liguori

When I talked with Maria Sharapova early this summer, she had just come off a 15-month ban for use of meldonium, a prescribed heart medication she had been taking for 10 years that had been added to the banned drug list, unbeknown to her, just before she tested positive for it at the 2016 Australian Open.
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