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Golf is a cerebral and often spiritual game, and for the champion golfers on the PGA and LPGA Tours, their “life on the green” includes reflection and soul-searching; merging self-knowledge with course knowledge; blending hard-won insights with past mentorship; mastering the arts of competition and resilience; all while prioritizing their growing families and curating their lasting legacies.
The new book from legendary sports talk show host and renowned interviewer Ann Liguori—”LIFE ON THE GREEN: Lessons and Wisdom from Legends of Golf,” Foreword by Jim Nantz (Hatherleigh Press, February 27, 2024)—is a dream collection of insights and life lessons from some of the most compelling characters and champions in the game’s history. Unfiltered and topical, Liguori presents her engrossing conversations with Tom Watson, Bernhard Langer, Nancy Lopez, Dottie Pepper, Amy Alcott, Gary Player, Ben Crenshaw, Jan Stephenson, Padraig Harrington, Annika Sorenstam, Renee Powell and Jack Nicklaus, and relates how these esteemed competitors and gallery favorites have navigated their lives on and off the course.
Beyond the role of work ethic or belief in oneself or fate or a lucky chip-in on the 17th, Ann strives to move beyond the stock answers or greying anecdotes rehashed so many times over. Her aim—as it always has been over her long career in broadcasting—is to get these dominant performers to speak as freely and openly as they ever have. Whether it’s discussing the history of race in the game with Renee Powell while shedding light on her own personal journey; or inviting Padraig Harrington to discuss the omnipresent LIV tour questions and concerns; or getting the great Jan Stephenson to take a second look at her role in promoting the fledgling LPGA as “golf’s pinup girl” in the 1970s and 1980s, Ann uncovers intriguing stories, unearthed revelations, and life wisdom that will inspire all.

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We start this Nightside News Update with Ann Liguori, author of “LIFE ON THE GREEN: Lessons and Wisdom from Legends of Golf”

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What They're Saying

Mike Whan, CEO of the United States Golf Association

Ann is like your golf buddy, your best friend, and your teacher—all in one! In Life on the Green, she allows some of the game’s best to share life lessons learned on a golf course. You’ll enjoy her book so much, you might not be aware of how much she is educating you along the way.

Brandel Chamblee, Analyst, NBC/Golf Channel

We are indebted to both Ann and her subjects for this gem of a book that will likely, with the turn of every page, not only entertain and inform you but motivate and move you

Alex Lifeson, Hall of Fame Guitarist, RUSH

Ann Liguori is a master at making an interview seem like an intimate conversation. The ability to draw out moral, ethical, and technical view- points from some of the greatest golfers in history and in such an engag- ing manner is truly a skill.

Jamie Handler, President of IBKUL Athleisure Wear

Ann and the other legends in this book will inspire, educate, and enlighten.

Chip Brewer, CEO & President of TopGolf Callaway Brands Corp

Ann’s been blessed to personally know many of the greats of our game and combines this with a wonderful gift for the written word. I highly rec- ommend her new book.

Bob Harig, Sports Illustrated golf writer and author of Drive: The Lasting Legacy of Tiger Woods

Having interviewed dozens if not thousands of athletes and celebrities over the years, Ann Liguori drills down into one of her favorite subjects—golf to bring to life the thoughts of a dozen big names who share their expertise on many facets of golf, life, and philosophies outside the game.

Michael J. McGovern, BMW Charity Pro-Am Tournament Director

Ann has shown through her illustrious career why she is the perfect per- son to communicate with titans of the game and convey their thoughts on life, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence. This is a must-read for any sports enthusiast.

Dave Shedloski, author and Golf Digest contributor

“Folks who love the game of golf always want to know what goes on in the minds of their heroes, and this book delivers with some wonderful stories and insights. There are lessons to be gleaned from start to finish.”

Michael Whelan, former Production/Programming Executive at HBO Sports & the Golf Channel

To be a great interviewer, one needs to be approachable, down to earth, and completely attentive so that the person being interviewed forgets you’re a journalist! When covering a sensitive or controversial topic, sin- cerity, humility, and compassion go a very long way. This sums up Ann Liguori.

LeslieAnne Wade, award-winning sports & media publicist

Ann is a true first and a true friend in the sport. She easily shares the access of her well-earned clubhouse pass. Her gifted, heart-to-heart connection compels champions to freely share the treasured truth of their journeys with life and golf.

Gregory Berg - host, "The Morning Show" WGTD FM 91.1 (NPR Wisconsin Public Radio affiliate)

I really loved the book- and I hate to say it, but I'm not even all that passionate a fan of the game of golf. But I learned so much and enjoyed the book so much. It's obviously going to be greedily enjoyed by any fan of the game, but even for someone not particularly well acquainted with the game, there is a lot to enjoy here. I hope a lot of people will seek it out.

-Larry Spangler, Venture Capitalist

Ann: Thank you for the great read. I just finished your book and I can tell you it should be in every pro shop in the world. I especially enjoyed reading about your parents and brother. Congratulations and may life continue to be a blessing for you. God Bless and travel safe.

"While my great friend Ann Liguori could certainly master any facet of the business—and she has— there is no clearer example of her massive abilities than to take in one of her countless high-level interviews. Her reservoir of superstar guests through the years would make Jimmy Kimmel envious....You are about to embark on a journey that will inform and enlighten you. You will go behind the scenes, with Ann as your tour guide. I promise it will be filled with kindness, yet determination. It will be dogged, yet diplomatic. It will be storytelling at its best—unfiltered and fresh. It will be told by an exquisite interviewer, who in concert with our heroes, will entertain you page after page. You will be inspired by the life lessons that the greatest names in golf share — wisdom that we all can embrace for a lifetime of success and happiness."

Jim Nantz2020